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Eva Abrahams (1879-1931)

My great-grand Aunt Eva was the fifth child of Morris ABRAHAMS and Sarah JACOBY ABRAHAMS, born in New York, and about as middle of a child as you could get. The second daughter, after her eldest sibling, Dena, yet the first female of what would be five of the last six children. I suspect she may have gotten less attention than she wanted.

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Morris Abrahams (1849-1929)

One of my great-great-grandfathers, a man of several name variations and a murky past.

Morris ABRAHAMS was born on 10 September 1849 in “Russia” or “Poland” (even though it was not a political entity in 1849), son of David. Russia in that timeframe could mean anything East of Germany, and the only real clue we have of his birthplace is that his wife – according to family lore – was born in Pinsk, in what is now Belarus.

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Helena Jacobowsky (1838 – 1915)

My great-great-grandmother, Helena (Lena) JACOBOWSKY was born in Sandberg, Prussia – now in Poland, near(ish) to Leszno – in 1838. Her parents were tailor Hirsch JACOBOWSKY and his wife Taube (Tennie) WOLFF JACOBOWSKY.  I know of two older brothers, Schaie and Moritz, both of whom immigrated to the United States. Continue reading