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The End… of one line’s record

In the last few months, the Polish State Archives has digitized a number of their 19th century records, leading to a tremendous breakthrough on my Warsaw-area ancestors and related cousins. [As opposed to UNrelated cousins? Anyway….] I hope to be writing about them soon.

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Gitel Wertel (1887 – 1943?)

Gitel WERTEL was a younger sister of my great-grandmother, Sarah WERTEL OCHOROWICZ (OCHOWITZ). From what I can tell, Sarah had six siblings born between 1882 – her only older sibling, Moshe Wertel – and the youngest sister, Genia, born in 1902. A large range, but not unusual for the time.  Sarah and Abe OCHOROWICZ , in fact, were married a year before Genia was born.

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Max Grauman (1871-1933)

Welcome to the first of what, I hope, will be a number of biographies of my ancestors and cousins!  Some may be updated with new information as I find it, others will serve as a interesting look into lives long past. In some cases, completely forgotten until I “rediscovered” them again.

First up, somewhat randomly, Mendel (Max) GRAUMAN,

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